I'm Bogdan, or Dan. I love to laugh and design!

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and moved to Seattle, WA in 2012. I've been experimenting with design for 11+ years and I've made thousands of projects, but I only have room for so many on a portfolio like this. My documents folder is the bane of my 512gb SSD's storage capacity with all of my Illustrator and Figma files 😭

My professional design experience started when I was around 14. I wanted to have some pocket money but wasn't old enough to get a job, so I started doing freelance (2D vector) design for logos, branding, and video game assets. At 16 I started moving into making website/app mockups, and at 18 I started getting real graphic design jobs. It was around this time that I knew I wanted to pursue UX/product design, and I was able to get my first Product Design role at 21.

During my screen-free time I like to get active - I like rock climbing, tennis, pickleball, soccer, hiking, kayaking, bike riding, and anything else that allows me to enjoy the sun. I can't ever fully detach from design though - I still take and edit photos of my various outings.